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Namami Approach

Namami Approach

360° Diagnostic

360 Diagnostic

Blood Tests

All range of blood tests for testing of bio markers as prescribed the Doctor

Esoteric Testing

Esoteric testing allows the analysis of the rare substances or molecules that are not performed in a routine clinical lab

Veda Pulse

Veda Pulse is an HRV technology-based health analysis solution for specialists of complementary alternative medicines.

Dexa body composition scan

DEXA scan is considered one of the most accurate tests you could do to determine body fat and muscule distribution.

Kids Wellness

We at Namami believe that wellness is a way of life and the earlier you start the better it is. We aim to enrich young minds through a host of fun activities that will help develop their cognitive skills and creativity. Indoor and outdoor activities are thoughtfully planned to engage every child’s interest and imagination.

Strategic Association

The Retreat

Creating serene, unique & memorable experiences in the midst of beautiful nature
situated in the banks of the magnificent Periyar river.