At Namami we are thoughtful and intentional in the selection of our ingredients, putting flavour, balance, and nutrition at the forefront of the palate. Whether grown in the area or from our own gardens, our ingredients are locally sourced to satisfy one’s appetite and appreciation for the nourishing bounty of God’s own country – Kerala. 

Our chefs bring alive best of both western as well as Indian culinary experiences to align with your lifestyle, make cuisines & diet therapies as advised by our team of wellness doctors to promote optimum health and help you develop a healthy eating regimen, to curb chronic disease and illness, leading to more interest in health & wellness

Namami Customised Cuisine
Namami Customised Cuisine


The personalized culinary journey

The exquisite vegetarian culinary program at Namami provides a balanced, nutritional diet that will satisfy both one’s taste buds and wellbeing. Fresh, sustainably farmed, local ingredients are showcased in all our menus, channelling the culture of the region through its delicate flavours. 

Focus on Gut Health

Our gut is the foundation of health and responsible for immunity. Dietary fibres, such as those found in fruit and vegetables and its interaction with microbes may become increasingly important with regards to gut health promotion. Achieve microbiome health with our superfood recipes to nourish, sustain, and grow good gut bacteria while enhancing digestion. The prebiotic properties of these superfoods can nourish your health-promoting gut bacteria that have health attributes for your gut, microbes, and health


  • Caring Cuisine: We take into consideration all your dietary requirements, allergies and restrictions. We customize meal plans that are vegan friendly, lactose intolerant friendly, gluten intolerant friendly, vegetarian, keto friendly, diabetic friendly, dairy-free or nut free.
  • Natural Ingredients: Processed and refined foods are minimized, with the use of fresh and natural ingredients that are optimum and whole in nature.
  • Seasonal Appropriate: Most wellness cuisine menus incorporate in-season produce. This ensures that the ingredients are always available and are farm fresh.
  • Colourful: Often, meals served at wellness are very colourful. The more colour on your plate, the more you eat diversified nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Additionally, colourful plates are more aesthetically appealing and promise to be more appetizing.
  • Wellbalanced and Nutritious: Meals served concentrate on providing balance and variety. We want to ensure that guests get a good mix of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) in their meal. Each calorie you consume is meant to provide you with healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Quality Ingredients: You can be sure that the food you eat is high in quality. Protein sources will be lean and are plant based. Carbohydrates will be unrefined, and will include fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. And incorporated fats will be of the healthiest types, including olive oil and coconut oils.
  • Taste and Flavour: As opposed to focusing on delivering large portions, wellness cuisine focuses on satiating your appetite by delivering appropriately sized dishes that are high in quality, taste, and flavour.

Uniqueness and Creativity: Using spices and ingredients that are a bit non-traditional. Additionally, when it comes to indulgences and dessert, we come up with creative ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without causing major impact to your waistline or sacrificing taste.

Namami Customised Cuisine


Learning Experiences- Our Chefs conduct bi-weekly interactive cooking classes on basics of Home Style healthy cooking with easily available ingredients and easy-to-use recipes.


To support our healing cuisine all kitchens are equipped with state of art equipment to ensure that all food material is received, stored and processed under healthy conditions. Our kitchens are equipped with five walk-in and one deep freezer to keep all materials segregated and stored at optimal temperature as per FSSAI standards.

Out state of art “bakery” has enabled our chefs to bake all breads in-house and churn out homemade healthy desserts that one can enjoy guilt free.

Nutmeg Grove

Three Meal Restaurant

A celebration of flavours to enhance our health

Perched amongst the Nutmeg trees near the bank of the Periyar River, NUTMEG GROVE provides a progressive dining program that combines the best of taste and nutrition. In collaboration with the doctors, a customized culinary journey is created for each guest using responsibly sourced ingredients. A large part of our physical wellbeing depends on what we consume, and a carefully planned diet of fresh, natural foods cleanses the body and creates harmony within. By following this personalized program, all who are staying with us will be aligned to improving one’s physical wellness.

Operational Timings– 07:00 HRS- 15:00 HRS / 18:00 – 21:00 HRS

  • Breakfast- 07:00 HRS- 09:00 HRS
  • Lunch-12:00 HRS- 14:30 HRS
  • Dinner-18:00 HRS- 21:00 HRS 

Restaurant shall remain closed from 15:00 HRS to 18:00 HRS 

Rasa Lounge

The Juice and Tisanes Lounge

A sublime space to ease the senses

An open space within Namami where guest can relax, listen to the chirping of birds, and enjoy a refreshing splash of flavours in the lap of nature. The lounge promotes rejuvenating fruit and vegetable mixes, fresh prepared juices and creatively crafted mocktails infused with herbs and spices for healing benefits.

Operational Timings– 07:00 HRS- 21:30 HRS for all the guests