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The actual meaning of yoga lies in the ancient scripts, but with each passing generation the practice has become more inclined towards the physical aspects. Yoga got its derivation from a Sanskrit word, Yuj, meaning union or to integrate.

ET Health World

Wellness is being accepted across the world. It is moving up the value chain from being a spa to being a Medi spa, and from being a Medi spa to regenerative and recuperation services. The ease with which India can deliver world-class services is improving as a result of our technology, equipment, and scale.

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Did you know that people who have had a cardiac surgery can suffer a cardiac arrest? Here's how to reduce your risk.

IndiaMed Today

Pariksha Rao, Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Namami Wellness and Health Edu Pvt Ltd, talks about ways to identify and correct issues or problems within a system, process, or organisation by focusing on the system’s interrelated parts rather than the system as a whole

Outlook India

If health and wellness are on the agenda, Team OT rounds up the five places you should add to your list

Hotelier India

This retreat provides education and services in wellness and health through the ancient sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, and complementary alternative medicine.

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For families with children, the retreat host plenty of fun-filled activities to help develop a child’s cognitive skills and creativity.