Women’s Wellness

Women’s Wellness

Your mind and body are your greatest asset. As a woman, the multitude of roles you perform in your daily routine makes your greatest assets vulnerable to diseases, stress, anxiety, prolonged illness, weight issues, and hormonal imbalance. Fighting out all your physical and mental evils is a progressive step, but are you fighting it the right way? A mere focus on a few aspects of well-being will deliver results but never make it right for you, especially deep-rooted issues. What you need is a holistic approach that inspires, educates, motivates, and transforms you into the person you aspire to be.

Empower yourself to a better lifestyle with our Women’s Wellness Program. At Namami, we have curated a Women’s Wellness Program, with a strong emphasis on powerful yogic and holistic health routines like Ritucharya, Dinacharya, and signature therapies, to achieve the true meaning of wellness. Amidst the natural environment and our perfectly planned therapies, as per your anatomy, makes this program a perfect companion for your healthy lifestyle. Our programmes are not limited to therapies, healing, or sessions. At Namami, we educate and awaken the sense of life enhancement to align the three elements (mind, body, and soul) into one common goal of nourishment.

Namami Womens Wellness Program

Note: – *Please note that this session will be online.

Objective & Benefits
  • Gynaecologic concerns
  • Hormonal balance
  • Weight balance/nutrition 
  • Emotional wellness
  • Social Wellness.
Recommended for
  • Gynaecological Conditions
    •  Menopause
    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
    • Pelvic Floor dysfunction
    • Breast Health/Pain/Mass/Discharge
    • Fertility planning
    • Fibroids
    • Heavy/Irregular/Frequent/No Periods 
  • Behavioural Health
    •  Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Postpartum Depression
    • Pre-Menstrual Mood Dysmorphic disorder
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Relationship Counseling 
  • Weight Management
    • Nutrition plans 
    • Fitness plans
    • Medically guided Weight loss 
  • Hormonal Balance
    • Sexual health 
    • Menopausal health
    • PCOS
    • Hirsutism
    • Acne Benefits

We do not offer treatment for critical cases and where hospitalisation may be necessary.

The management has the right to refuse admission


Common Inclusions
  • Therapeutic meals – personalized diet chart
  • Arrival consultation
  • Body composition analysis
  • Specific diagnostics as per the objective
  • Physio consultation/ postural assessment
  • Morning yogic kriya
  • Evening meditation
  • Morning yoga
  • Evening yoga
  • Activities: boot camps, nature walks,
  • Forest walks, Kalari, Zumba, art therapy, cooking classes etc
  • Wellness talks in the evening
  • Departure consultation
7 Body type/condition-specific Massage therapy
3 Local herbal packs as per prescription/condition for 30 minutes each
1 Art therapy
1 Dinacharya day package
2 Sleep sessions
14 Body type/condition-specific massage therapy
6 Local herbal packs as per prescription/condition for 30 minutes each
2 Art therapy
3 Dinacharya day package
3 Sleep sessions
1 Personalised fitness session
21 Body type/condition-specific massage therapy
9 Local herbal packs as per prescription/condition for 30 minutes each
3 Art therapy
4 Dinacharya day package
4 Sleep sessions
2 Personalised fitness Sessions
28 Body type/condition-specific massage therapy
12 Local herbal packs as per prescription/condition for 30 minutes each
4 Art therapy
5 Dinacharya day package
5 Sleep sessions
4 Personalised fitness sessions

  • Above retreat length and inclusions are only indicative. Stay length and inclusions will be as per doctor’s recommendation depending on individual health.