Winter falls and South Calls- A Sojourn to the Scintillating South India

Winter falls and South Calls- A Sojourn to the Scintillating South India

It’s that time of the year when the nip in the air sets in and nature’s bounty overflows, the stage is set for a perfect vacation, to unwind from your daily grind. The perfect weather for well brewed coffee and a side of freshly baked bagel or some umami flavored thupka relished amidst the serene mountains! The very mention of this perfect setting can make any wanderlust go weak in their knees!

Vacations are a break from mundane chores and indulging in thrilling activities and soul searching amidst picturesque locales is what one longs for! As you dive deep into India’s vast geographical expanse you will realise there is something to satiate everyone’s senses! And if you are you heading to the usual suspects, the sun kissed beaches of Goa or to Rajasthan, every traveler’s muse.

Then, hold on!

The met forecasts are luring for a tropical climate like Goa and a desert landscape like Rajasthan, these locales become favored picks for holidaying in December! But what no one tells you is that if everyone were to throng these most favoured locations, your outing at the beach or a shopping spree through Rajashthan’s streets may just turn out to be a nightmare! The crowds are overwhelming, where everyone’s pouring onto the streets to let their hair down and have fun, this can leave one feeling anxious for space and fresh air!

Why go Simply South?

Fret no more, the southern half of India has a few incredible holiday destinations! South India,perfect amalgamation of class and culture, an abode of magnificent temples bedecked in ancient architectural styles, meandering coastlines that can leave one mesmerized! When the rest of the country is reeling under a cold wave during the winters, the south is a breather, it has the most pleasant weather during the winter. South India is in fact a gastronomical and shopper’s paradise famous for the aromatic filter kaapi and Kanchipuram sarees.

Winter falls and South Calls

Kerala- The nature’s paradise

If you are a nature aficionado then Kerala has got to be your first pit stop, the resplendence of mother nature is a beauty to behold! From spice plantations in Wayanad, tea plantations in Munnar, the paddy fields of Alleppey, Kerala’s’ rich ecological diversity and Ayurveda spas is something no one must miss! Kerala also has pristine beaches bordered with coconut meadows! The Marari and Kovalam beach, quaint and peaceful silver sand beaches are a perfect choice for any beach lover.

Karnataka- Voyage from Coffee to Culture

Karnataka has something for the mystic, the enthusiastic and if you are a diehard historian then Karnataka needs to be on your checklist for go to places! Home to UNESCO’s world heritage site Hampi, this state boasts of historical ruins, museums and architectural wonders. For someone who is intrigued by the stories that artistically engraved walls have to tell then Mysore, Hampi, Gulbarga, Bidar, Bijapur and Badami can leave one spellbound. If you are enchanted by
the grandeur of the hills, then head to Coorg and Chikmagalur famous for their coffee estates! One cannot miss out on Gokarna , its unspoiled beaches and township speckled with temples is the perfect getaway. For the wildlife enthusiast, national parks like Bandipur and Nagarhole are a treat. Kabini and Chikmagalur, one of the best wildlife escapades are worth exploring. For the foodie, Mangalorean cuisine is a haven, from Neer dosa to Mangalore buns this coastal town
churns out lip smacking delicacies!

Tamil Nadu- Confluence of Hills & Heritage

Tamil Nadu is the state that boasts of temples rich in tradition. If you are on a holy expedition then the Meenakshi temple at Madurai, Tiruvanmalai, Rameshwaram, Kanchipuram should be on your must -do list. Head to Ooty rightly termed as the Queen of the hill stations, looks like mother earth swaddled in a fluffy green blanket! Besides places like Kodiakanal, Tamil Nadu is replete with quite a few hidden gems like Yercaud – a hill station with beautiful lakes and forests. The marvel of the Nilgiri hills can be explored through the hill town of Coonoor , a less crowded hill station famous for its tea plantations.UNESCO world heritage site Mahabalipuram, a town along the coromandel coast famous for its beaches and temples is a must do for history lovers.

Hills & Heritage

If you are down south one cannot just miss Pondicherry, a once inhabited French Colony, that will transcend you into another world. This vibrant town painted in hues of yellow and blue is a must have on your travel itinerary, it’s a town which will leave you coming back for more for its silver sand beaches, its old world charm, its delectable food and architecture!

The mere mention of a vacation can make one’s heart flutter and give you an adrenaline rush! Zeroing down on a perfect destination for a perfect holiday can surely be a daunting task, but this 101 on everything you can explore down south will help you plan your perfect getaway! So get your bags packed as you head to peninsular India for the most incredible getaway of a lifetime!