Namami, where nature comes alive

Namami, where nature comes alive

Have you ever heard the whispers of the wild, the hushed tones in which nature speaks to us? Nature speaks volumes to us, voices that will calm the soul and bring tranquility to one’s inner being! The captivating sounds and the enchanting symphony can leave one mesmerized and is indeed soul-stirring! The subtle sounds of nature go beyond words! Have you heard the rustling of the leaves on the trees as the breeze blows, or the cuckoo coo as their young ones chirp away beckoning to be nurtured, flowers bursting with hues of the palette, aren’t these sounds and sights so inviting, calling us to the lap of pure bliss! Nature comes alive from dawn to dusk orchestrating all its elements -air, water, ether, fire, and space beautifully with the biotic elements of the living world! Nature is your soul sister, your confidante’, your bosom friend that can soothe your soul and senses! If your frayed nerves, aching muscles and messed up mind are looking for solace then head to Mother Nature, she will caress you with her heartwarming whispers!

Awaken, reignite and reimagine those lost senses amidst the aura of nature! Nature and its 5 elements can profoundly impact your mood, elevate your energy, induce a feeling of being at peace with yourself and calm down the monkey mind! As you delve into the beautiful tapestry that nature unfolds, miracles never seen before will unravel before you! Being in the lap of nature can trump any joy ride that gives you that adrenaline rush or even a cup of freshly brewed coffee!

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Head to Namami, the abode of bliss and serenity, it’s where harmony meets balance, tucked away in Kerala’s quaint little town of Malayattoor. Namami, a wellness retreat in Kerala, is the missing piece in your puzzle towards reconnecting with your weary and tired soul! A sanctuary for the body, mind and spirit, Namami is nestled in a small village in Kerala, which happens to be a perfect confluence of two of the most essential elements of nature, mountain ( earth ) and river ( Water). Call Namami, a beacon of hope, the sixth sense of even the fourth dimension, this wellness retreat is the perfect place to tune into nature, the nurturer, the healer, the restorer, the soother, the comforter and the revitalizer. Namami has the most impeccable balance of all the elements of nature that can ignite the aliveness in you! One cannot refute the healing powers of the 5 elements, nature is endowed with! The 5 elements i.e. earth, air, water, space and fire are so deeply rooted in the laws of nature that they can be tapped to the best of our well-being. Namami’s, ethos and philosophy do just this, taking advantage of these 5 elements that are so entwined with our body systems to bring about holistic healing truly in the luxury of nature!

The earth element reveals itself in the grandeur of the majestic mountains, the Western ghats, symbolic of grounding, the fundamental seat of all the other elements. Water element represented by the mighty Periyar river flowing alongside the rustic village of Malayattoor serves as the picture-perfect location for a wellness retreat like Namami built on the principles of the 5 elements of nature and Ayurveda. The cleansing aura of water is like a magic potion for a hungry soul. In times when natural spaces are diminishing, the growing urban jungle almost makes the air around us a cauldron of toxic fumes, the fresh and clean air and open spaces are an ideal setting to unwind and infuse your body with unadulterated air and uninhabited spaces! Namami’s ideal location will smother your senses, as you inhale the crisp air it will instantly fuel your inner being uncovering a vibrant you!

The lush greenery of Kerala, keeps the fire element, a close counterpart of the air element in balance. The fertility of the land is enormous, with plant life breathing to produce the elixir of life oxygen is plentiful! Namami is an immersive experience in itself, which will help you to unleash your latent energy and metamorphose into a vibrant version of you ready to take on the world!!

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Namami’s picturesque location coupled with the medley of elements of nature is an ideal setting to purify your soul and listen to what the universe has to say! So, if you want to lose yourself in the lap of nature, turn the corner that you have been so wanting to turn in your life, lay down the heavy cross you have been carrying so long, unclog the mind and hearten the soul, head to Namami, a tranquil space where nature comes “ALIVE”! If HOPE and HAPPINESS have a name, then it’s Namami!