Tune’n, Turn’n and Lean’n into your bodies for the Heal’n!!

Tune’n, Turn’n and Lean’n into your bodies for the Heal’n!!

Detoxification and cleansing have become the buzzwords in today’s hectic and fast-paced lives where everyone has come to believe that dependency on an external source will help to clear their inner being of pent-up toxins and chemicals from junk food and mindless eating. Our ever-growing reliance on green juices, cleansing powders, supplements and pills seems like the panacea for our current predicament- which could be either feeling unhealthy, bulging waistline, aches and pains and a whole cohort of other symptoms. While none of these are a write-off, but giving our power to heal in and out to something external would demean and undermine our body’s innate healing capacity. In the words of Louise Hay, “We create every so-called illness in our bodies”. While we often tend to blame everything outside of us for our lack of well-being, we don’t realize that we get sucked into the whirlpool of the blame game. In Louise Hay’s bestseller “You Can Heal Your Life” she says how the power of point lies in the present. So if you have been someone who has been going helter-skelter in trying to achieve holistic well-being of the mind, body and soul then begin today, unlock the healing potential you possess in your own body and mind because that is where true healing begins!

We live in a world that keeps telling us that either we are not enough or what we do is not enough which leaves our minds and thoughts in a continuous mode of fight-and-flight response that can sap our bodies and in turn our minds. In which case no amount of green detox juices or cleansing programs will do you any good. While these quick fixes may give you temporary relief, sustainable health and well-being can only be achieved by tuning in and leaning into your body’s inner wisdom and inner calling.

Triumphant with thoughts …
We have come to believe that a cleansing in Ayurveda terms mean balancing our doshas and a release of toxins, whereas the real cleanse begins when we release the burden and baggage of negative emotions, negative thoughts and energy! The power of a thought is immense, it can sow the seed for a million dreams and a better future while a few thoughts can even wreck and cause havoc. You choose to choose your thoughts. Every thought we think is creating and shaping our future, so sow the seeds of thoughts of a better you, a rejuvenated self and see it manifesting in
the near future.

Purge the past
Our past, childhood trauma, and scars of the past can also impede our healing journey making us feel trapped and incarcerated. Letting go of that baggage of the past can induce a sense of liberation and help you in furthering your healing journey which will not only help you to metamorphose into a better version of yourself but also transform you into a person that feels confident in their own skin!

Forgive and Forget
The last that you will have to let go and one of the most important is unforgiveness, staying in a state of not forgiving someone for their mistakes and mentally berating them can keep you stuck in this labyrinth of disease and achieving your goal of holistic healing. The book on the “The Course of Miracles” states that “all disease comes from a state of unforgiveness”. This thought is so profound and must be our first step towards letting go of that pent-up emotion, resentment and fear towards a person or an event in order to be able to enjoy life to its fullest!

As per the Roman calendar, February was named after a Roman Purification festival called “Februa ” – which was referred to as the month for cleansing. So this February are you ready to take on the challenge of a complete cleanse and detox, healing yourself completely in and out? As you step into this challenge, take a moment, pause and reflect on your true inner calling! An excerpt from the book “You can heal your life”, do dwell on these thoughts as you begin to embark and embrace your transformational journey.

“I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power”
Of my own mind to use in any way I choose.
Every moment of life is a new beginning point
As we move from the old. This moment is a new point 
beginning for me right here and right now.
All is well in my world “

Cheers to a month of cleansing, healing and wellbeing!!