Rejuvenation through Namami Approach for a cardiac patient- Case Study

Holistic wellbeing and healthcare are gaining impetus in today’s times where everyone wants to embrace the “feel good experience”. The inclusive and multidimensional approach to medicine harnesses ancient healing traditions like aligning the mind, body and spirit and leveraging healing therapies to achieve an overall sense of wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This has given birth to a whole new branch of medicine referred to as CAM i.e. Complementary and alternative medicine which has best of both the worlds, where an individual can be treated using both synthetically produced magic bullets as well as the traditional approach of using food, herbs, supplements and essential oils.

Like most people who prioritize holistic wellness and preventive healthcare, our Namami Atithi in his late thirties, gripped by a chronic heart condition, decided to shift his focus towards alternate therapies to maintain his heart health. Our guest, a Dubai National, succumbed to a cardiac arrest 3 years back and this was a red flag for him to relook at his heart health from a different light. Post his cardiac surgery 2 years ago, our client’s journey has been a transformative one, where he adopted lifestyle changes in addition to his course of medication in order to lower his
risk of a future heart condition. Despite following a healthy regimen, he was looking for a tailored plan to meet his fitness goals. Vying to be a fitter version of himself, our client approached us at Namami seeking coaching and mentoring with respect to sustainable health choices in order to further his journey towards wellness.

At Namami we worked out a cumulative framework that would help our client achieve his realistic goals. We focused on rejuvenating and rehabilitating our client based on their needs using our 360-degree approach. Backed by our team of in house Ayurvedic doctors and experts, we curated a rejuvenation package for our Namami Atithi who wanted to achieve his fitness goals given his health condition.

Roadmap to recovery and rejuvenation

At Namami when clients approach us with their chronic or acute ailments, we use the science behind the ancient tradition of Ayurveda, where we don’t just treat the symptoms but we dive into the root of the problem. As our first line of treatment we deal with balancing out the three doshas i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha the three mind-body operators , the functional energies which govern the body’s functioning .Imbalances in these doshas is what leads to poor health and disease. Tackling these imbalances is the key to dealing with disease management and prevention, which is the main principle behind Ayurveda.

As our guest had a previous history of heart disease and was also looking for restorative therapy we chose a rejuvenation 5- day package as our client had time constraints and wasn’t able to stay for the complete 7-day period as required. “We fit all elements of rejuvenation into our 5 day programme, which was a mix of physiotherapy, dietary modifications, yoga for relaxing and ayurvedic therapeutic massages and dharas like Abhyangam, Takra Dhara and Shiro Abhyanaga”. says Dr Sashidharan, the Ayurveda practitioner at Namami who guided our client through the course of his 5 day stay with us.

“Abhyanaga was our first choice of treatment as it is proven to reduce stress, reduces heart rate variability and lowers blood pressure.” says Dr Sashidharan. In order to remove the built-up toxins which, impede the free flow of energies, lymphatic drainage was focused upon through the massage. A concoction of herbal oils was customized to suit the clients ‘Prakriti’ for abhyanga.

In today’s fast paced world, stress is inevitable and has almost become synonymous with disease, where it causes a myriad of side effects. Going by our client’s medical history and work culture back in Dubai we chose Shiro Abhyanga, an ayurvedic massage which focuses on the head, neck and shoulders, the crucial points where stress tends to accumulate, aims to calm and relax the nervous system and brings in a sense of calmness and balance in the mind.
These vital points i.e. the ‘Marma ‘points or energy centers are massaged gently with a blend of herbal oils suited to the patient’s condition. Takra dhara was another massage therapy adopted for our guest which helps to further reduce anxiety and relax the nerves. This therapeutic massage uses medicated liquids suited to the [patient.

As the rejuvenation package aimed at providing holistic wellness to our client, our in- house experts included various other elements apart from ayurvedic massages like a dietary regimen and yoga. Dr Nisha Manu, naturopathy expert at Namami helped our guest with a sattvic diet which had all the elements of balanced nutrition. Including yoga therapy was our next approach for our client, as it has been a proven way to align the body, mind and soul, connect and
alleviate stress and anxiety. Guided by our yoga therapist Ms. Mobya Yaku, our client was led through restorative yoga postures for improved flexibility and building strength.

“Namami had been my first choice when I decided to tread on this road towards wellbeing. I am glad to have chosen Namami as its picturesque location is truly breathtaking, tucked away in the lush greenery of God’s own country Kerala.” says our Namami Atithi from Dubai. “I feel fitter and much more flexible than when I arrived here and as I leave Namami I take back with me a bagful of experiences, from simple lifestyle changes to basics of healthy eating, I am indebted to the experts who have ably guided me so well”