Yoga Retreat Pancha Mahabhuta

This 5-day residential retreat is an introductory but experiential, course on Yoga theory and practices, where one can get a glimpse of being a true Yogic. It represents the five elements and their effect on the body and mind.

Why Pancha Mahabhuta?

  • Understanding the impact of the elements on mind and body.
  • Connecting the five elements with Tanmatras through Asanas, Pranayamas and Kriyas.
  • Celebrating each element with color-coordinated dressing.
  • Meditation techniques to explore the functioning of your sensory organs.
  • Reconnecting with nature and finding inner harmony to correct lifestyle disorders.
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We do not treat severe critical cases where hospitalisation is necessary.
The management has the right to refuse admission


Above treatments/ inclusions are only indicative. Personalized plans will be made after doctor’s consultation.