Yoga Retreat Ashtanga

This Yoga retreat introduces you to the classical style of Yoga which embraces the eight limbs. It’s all about stepping away from the usual pattern of daily life to focus on the practice of Yoga and regain your inner peace. Each day one limb of the Ashtanga shall be celebrated by understanding and practicing through well-defined lectures, activities, asanas, kriyas, pranayamas, and Yogic techniques.

Why Ashtanga?

  • Understanding the essence of Yoga and its capabilities.
  • Positive transformation of mind and body.
  • Strengthening and understanding the mind.
  • Recognizing stress and its management.
  • Body awareness and overall mindfulness.
  • Immunity building.
  • Detox break.
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We do not treat severe critical cases where hospitalisation is necessary.
The management has the right to refuse admission


Above treatments/ inclusions are only indicative. Personalized plans will be made after doctor’s consultation.