Namami – Post Covid Recovery Program

Namami – Post Covid Immunity Enhancement programs is a specific tailor-made program matching one’s personal body type.

Objective & Benefits
  • Embrace the new normal
  • Improve lung capacity
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Correct digestion and absorption through appropriate diet regimen
  • Improve muscle tone and flexibility
  • Correct sleep–wake cycle
Recommended for

Those who have had Covid and have recovered but may be experiencing one or more of below inconveniences

    • Immune deficiency
    • Muscle fatigue / joint pain
    • Disturbed sleep / insomnia
    • Digestive complications
    • Cognitive impairment
    • Heart issues
    • General lethargy and sluggishness
    • Urological issues
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Skin and/or hair issues
    • Pain management

We do not offer treatment for critical cases and where hospitalisation may be necessary.

The management has the right to refuse admission


Common Inclusions
  • Therapeutic meals – personalized diet chart
  • Arrival consultation
  • Body composition analysis
  • Specific diagnostics as per objective
  • Physio consultation/ postural assessment
  • Morning yogic kriya
  • Evening meditation
  • Morning yoga
  • Evening yoga
  • Activities: boot camps, nature walks,
  • forest walks, kalari, zumba, art therapy, cooking classes etc
  • Wellness talks in evening
  • Departure consultation
7 Body Type / Condition specific Massage therapy
3 Acupuncture / Acupressure
1 Yoga Session
1 Ayurveda Cleansing Treatment (Prescription)
1 Sleep  Sessions
1 Fitness Session
14 Body Type / Condition specific Massage therapy
7 Acupuncture/Acupressure
2 Yoga Session
2 Ayurveda Cleansing Treatment (Prescription)
2 Sleep Sessions
2 Fitness Session
21 Body Type / Condition specific Massage therapy
10 Acupuncture / Acupressure
3 Yoga Session
3 Ayurveda Cleansing Treatment (Prescription)
3 Sleep  Sessions
3 Fitness Session

  • Accommodation is not included in health programs.
  • Accommodation rates will be quoted separately by our Hospitality partner AKVPL
  • Above retreat length and inclusions are only indicative. Stay length and inclusions will be as per doctor’s recommendation depending on individual health.