Kids Autism

Kids Autism

“We Care” is an initiate of Namami Health Retreat and Wellness Sanctuary towards creating ¬†Autism awareness.

It is all about Accepting, understanding, caring, loving and respecting children with Autism.

Restricted ,repetitive behaviour along with social and communication disabilities can make children with Autism to become socially exclusive, and isolated.

At Namami, we have a dedicated space where children with Autism can seek their structured therapy by professionals such as Speech therapy, OT, special education, sensory integration…. along with having the benefits of the health retreat for themselves and their family.

Our focus , is to continue their structure while giving them a joyful experience and improving lifestyle.

We aspire to incorporate subtle forms of healing such as yoga, pranayama, sleep meditation, EFT, NLP, positive affirmations , super brain yoga, vision boards and so on to enhance their sense of well being…

Our Goal is to give every child with Autism and enriched environment, enchanting experience, and encouragent in every aspect to help them embrace , explore, enjoy and evolve…

We Believe in “Seeing the Able, Not Label”