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At Namami, we are different and we also do things differently.

Our core values are deeply rooted within our core philosophy of "NAMAMI-ICE".

'I' stands for Information     |     'C' stands for Consent     |     'E' stands for Empowerment

We believe strongly in "Information-Consent-Empowerment" as a powerful tool to bring forth the global best practices.

Our Value Add Differentiators Are:

integrative & customized

  • 360° Diagnosis- the right path
  • Nutrition- scientific organic multicuisine
  • Lifestyles for a lifetime- continuity of personalised care
  • Caring for your first home- your mind
  • Curing pain- that doesn't need enduring
  • Achieving good health- one step at a time
  • Balanced approach to Life- namami jeevanam

360° Diagnosis- the right path

First step in the Namami Management Plan is DIAGNOSIS.

For achieving this first goal scientifically, our team of experts have combined the different specialities to form a joint panel and it is through this panel that we form a 360 degree conclusion.

These specialties include most modern Allopathy Diagnostics and the latest science of Genomics. Through the route of Genomics, we make sure that our Ayurveda doctors get to know the exact Prakrithi (Constitution) of their patients/guests. Thereafter, they add all their age old wisdom and NadiParikshan, Tongue Parikshan & Retina Parikshan to match clinical diagnosis with the Genomics inputs and understand the Vikrithi (Disability or Disease).

Once established and if further required to substantiate the correctness, other specialists from Naturopathy, Physiotherapy and Allopathy streams will add their expertise to sum up one diagnosis. This is then called the “360 degree Diagnosis”. This is the basis of our patient/guest selection criteria and we shall only advise medical management to those whose conditions can be handled by our medical team of experts. The course of the treatment or the management plan for the guest while they stay with us, is impeccably planned on an integrative basis. On a case to case basis, we also get follow up tests to show improvement in some of the conditions.

We apply the same principals of science while we advise our routine stay guests to undergo any therapy for wellness. They are most welcome to meet our experts first to decide what would be best for them out of a bouquet of services available at Namami.

Nutrition- scientific organic multicuisine

Lifestyles for a lifetime- continuity of personalised care

We believe in a continuity of care. In most other places, you will have no pre and post experience. At Namami, you will start your interaction with us much before your stay at one of our locations. Well qualified doctors on our clinical side and guest relation executives on our hospitality side will help you define a personal need to visit our facility. They work twenty-four seven to create a proper Electronic Medical Record (EMR), in case you need one. Or else they will create a personalized itinerary to carve out awonderful experience during the stay with us.

We have a unique system of encouraging feedback from our customers; both on their health issues as well as their future needs. You will continue to get the same attention from our medical team, even when you reside miles away. We are always a phone call away. Tele-medicine facility is being soon started within our complex and once effective, Namami will be the first organization in the world to bring this value add to any holistic health resort.

Lifetime hand holding is a natural philosophy with us.

Caring for your first home- your mind

While we achieve a very thorough care for your body, we have several programs of caring for your mind. Global experts in Yoga & Meditation plan some time tested procedures that will instantly put your inner self in a balance with the cosmic energy.

Our Laughter Yoga therapy has been appreciated by one and all

The serenity of Purnagram with the vibrancy of the flowing river next to it turns your meditation spots into places like nowhere else. The concept of meditation pools has been specially designed by our Vedic experts to give you the fine vibes of being in the best environment possible.

Curing pain- that doesn't need enduring

Our Physiotherapy experts and the pain management team that includes some of the best acupressure & acupuncture specialists, will leave no stone unturned to bring relief to your age old discomforts. They will try to put you back into action with their latest equipment and scientific knowledge.

Achieving good health- one step at a time

Unique packages have been carved out to suit your stay at Namami. We do not believe in 'one fit for all' methodology.

Treatment at Namami is customized to fit individual medical condition and choice. Time you can spare for treatment and the budget is also taken into prime consideration. Our doctors will help you choose a treatment stream based on the above, your health records and diagnostic reports if any. If necessary, you may undergo some more tests or Genomics Analysis of your AyurvedicPrakriti before health packages suiting your individual needs are finalized.

No one can achieve good health in one go. It is a constant endeavor of adopting a balanced life-style. Our experts will help you choose one at a time approach and justify scientifically what fits into your requirement.

Balanced approach to Life- namami jeevanam

We have instituted a Life-style by the name of "Ayur-Jeevanam" in Namami-Purnagramand the process itself exemplifies the philosophy AyurJeevanam is a well-designed plan to implement the Ayurvedic way of life during a guest's stay at Namami-Purnagram. This life plan is divided into

  • Daily Regimen (DINACHARYA) – A complete plan for daily ritual and ablutions
  • Seasonal Regimen (RITUCHARYA) – A planned system of dos and don'ts that is based on seasons
  • Activities (VIHARAM) – A set of activities that rejuvenates and revitalises the body
  • Food (AHARAM) – Indulgence in a planned diet that is healthy and works on the wellness of your body. The food created is also based on a guest's particular doshas.
  • Medicine & Treatment (OUSHADHAM) – A customised set of treatments for specific ailments.
  • Mental and Spiritual Refinement (ATMA MANO SUDHI) – A system of counselling, along with discussions, discourses, meditation and chanting for wellness.

This Ayurvedic lifestyle, though encouraged at Namami-Purnagram, is not a compulsion.

Should a guest take up this lifestyle and want to follow it when out in the regular world, our experts can provide the necessary guidance. Our ultimate aim is to fulfill our motto of "Samagram, Sampurnam and Samyojitham" (Holistic, Absolute and Integrated) in the best possible way.



At NAMAMI we consider you to be a part of our family and take care of your health needs like our own.

We are passionate about what we do and love to engage with you throughout the treatment.