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Poolside Studios

Poolside Studios        Tarrif

Season Double
Valid till 31st March 2017    ₹10,000*  

*Rates are exclusive of applicable taxes for double occupancy and will be valid till 31st March 2017.


All rooms at Namami are equipped with luxury facilities and amenities.
However, you must consult your personal physician for any Do's & Don'ts in case you are taking therapies or treatment.

Telephone, TV, Wi-Fi internet (complimentary), Hair dryer, Digital Safe Box, Air Conditioning, Terrace, Patio/Balcony (private), Small Refrigerator, Bathrobes and Bedroom slippers, Daily Newspaper

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Two blocks called Nalukettu-1 & 2, each with eight private studio apartments represent the traditional architecture of Kerala. We have tried to maintain the form of this traditional Kerala ethos, and added a few Eco-friendly modern living elements. Each of the studios in Nalukettu-1 has been named after Ashta Dik Palakas' (Guardians of 8 directions). astrologically they represent 8 grahas too.: The ‘Maruth’, ‘Kubera’, ‘Rudra’, ‘Soma’, ‘Anala’, ‘Padmaka’, ‘Indira’ & ‘Varuna’. Each of the studios in Nalukettu-2 has been named after an Indian star as per astrology: The 'Karthika', 'Aswathy', 'Revathi', 'Pushya', 'Swathi', 'Chithira', 'Athira' & 'Rohini'. .
Some of the deep spiritual concepts have gone into the design:
Designed to enhance inner harmony within gracious natural surroundings,
these fully serviced studios are scattered in an Octagon shape around our open air meditation pool.
"The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed the "eightness" of the Octagon was the Embracer of Harmonies and linked it to safety, steadfastness and everything that was balanced in the universe. (The octagon) "represents the ultimate balance between material and invisible forces, the fixed male and mutable female; total balance between material and spiritual, heart and mind: the fully aware, 'christed' human. It is both the inhalation and the exhalation of the breath of creation... the octagon symbolizes the ultimate aim of esoteric traditions. Notable, enlightened figures throughout history such as Mohammed, Merlin, the archangel Michael and Jesus have been characterized by either the octagon or its numerical value 8, and the infinity symbol; in gematria the name Jesus carries the value of 888." Source - Freddy Silva, from Legacy of the Gods
Octagon imagery is used in meditations in conjunction with the Buddhist concept of the eightfold path:
Right View- Right Thought- Right Word- Right Action- Right Livelihood- Right Effort- Right Mindfulness- Right Concentration These delightful rooms create an aura of blissful mental & spiritual healing.




At NAMAMI we consider you to be a part of our family and take care of your health needs like our own.

We are passionate about what we do and love to engage with you throughout the treatment.