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Ayurveda Treatments


Sirodhara is a type of application of medicated oil to the head/scalp. In this the oil is continuously poured over the forehead from a specific height and then allowed to flow down over the scalp. Very effective for relaxation, to reduce stress, enhances the quality of sleep, CNS functions. It is very effective in conditions like anxiety, sleep disorders, paralysis and other psychiatric disorders. Depending on the condition of the patient, other than oil, liquids like buttermilk, medicated milk, etc are also used to do this treatment


Sirovasthi is one of the intensive treatments. It is a special method of application of oil on the head. In this a cap which is open from both sides is fitted on to the head and lukewarm oil is poured in to this. The oil is allowed to remain till it shows saturation symptoms. Useful in paralysis, facial palsy, neurological diseases.


This is the application of herbal preparation in the paste form on to the scalp. Very effective in insomnia, anxiety, diseases of scalp, premature greying, etc


Based on the disease condition or body type, appropriate oil is selected and applied and massaged all over body and head in a synchronized manner. This may e done as a single treatment of along with other major treatments. It relaxes the muscles, relieves muscle pain, improves circulation, highly effective in neurological disorders. Good for skin texture and improve immunity.


Massage is done below the knee using appropriate medicated oil. This helps improve the circulation to the lower legs, improves the quality of sleep, good in diabetic neuropathy. Also refresh the brain activities.


This is a kind of massage using medicated powder. Mostly it is used as dry, but depending on condition, it is also done by mixing with oils, buttermilk, etc. this is widely used to treat obesity and help to tone up the muscles.


Pinda means bolus/bundles and application of this bolus on body is meant to make the bundle. Selection of these materials is done by doctor after evaluating the patient. These bundles are heated in suitable liquids like oil, milk, rice wash etc and applied all over the body except head. Used in various conditions like, emaciation, neurological issues, neuro-muscular disorders, arthritis, etc


Pizhichil is a treatment whereby medicated oil is squeezed onto the body using cloth pieces and massaged in gently, while perspiration is induced though external oleation. An effective treatment for rejuvenating nervous system, Pizhichil is also called treatment of Aristocrats, as it was popular with the kings of yore. Oil is used in large quantities in this treatment and selection of the same is done according to the condition of the Patient.


Pichu is an external oil application. This is only to affected area like low back, joints, head. Very effective in the degenerative conditions of joints

NJAVARAKIZHI/ ShashtikaShaliPindaSwedam:

This is a kind of sudation with the bolus prepared out of cooked special rice, milk & decoction. It is a nourishing type of treatment. Indicated in neuromuscular disorders like hemiplegia, paraplegia, muscular dystrophy, joint disorders like osteo-arthritis and other degenerative conditions.


This is a special method of application of medicated ghee in eyes. Highly beneficial in degenerative diseases and other neurological issues of eyes.


Panchakarma,is a combination of five treatments used to effectively detoxify the body and eliminate the illness causing Doshas. The body also becomes receptive to various therapies like Rasayana (Rejuvenation) &Vajikaranam (Aphrodisiac).

Fivefold measures of panchakarma are:

Vamanam (therapeutic emesis)

In this, vomiting is induced using selected medicines. Strength and endurance of the patient are major factors to be considered to do this treatment. Medicines used are mostly in the form of powder or paste along with plenty of medicated milk. Proven to clear skin conditions like psoriasis, respiratory diseases, sinusitis etc

Virechanam(therapeutic purgation)

Virechanam is the treatment in which humors are eliminated through anal route. Selected medicines are given to induce purgation. Medicines shall in be in various forms like liquids, powder, oils or jam. Highly recommended in `Pitta` disorders, skin disorders, stroke, diabetes, bronchial asthma, etc

Vasthi(medicated enema)

Vasthi is a procedure for administering medicines in the suspension form via rectum or genitourinary tract. VasthiYanthra, a specific apparatus is used for this. Procedure is similar to enema. In this KashayaVasthi (decoction enema) and Snehavasthi(oil enema) are commonly used. Kashayavasthi is more cleansing in nature and Snehavasthi is generally nourishing. To keep the balance of both these qualities in the body these two vasthis are always used as combination. These are highly effective in neurological disorders, stroke, etcVasthi given through genitourinary tract is recommended in conditions like sub-fertility or urinary disease.

Nasyam(nasal errhines)

This is the administration of medicines through nostrils. Clears the channels in the upper part of the body. The intensity (mild, moderate and strong) of the Nasyam based on the dosage. The mode of action of Nasya like nourishing, purification or pacification is depending on selection of medicine. Highly useful in chronic headaches, facial palsy, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, etc


Bloodletting is recommended to remove localized vitiated blood. Various methods are used to do this. – pricking with needles, incising the vein, vaccum,etc. Common practice is by use of leech.

After detailed examination, based on the imbalances in humors and analising other physical conditions of the patient, Vaidya(doctor) will decide which are the most suitable therapies out of these five for a person. It is difficult to do all these five methods of treatment at a stretch for a person. Therefore, out of these five, doctors always choose the most suitable method for an individual to detox his body.

It is very important that one should follow strict diet and regimen while undergoing Panchakarma treatments to attain maximum benefit and to avoid any adverse effect. Diet and regimen will be recommended by the doctor based on the Prakrthi (body-type) and other conditions of the patient.

Prior to the Panchakarma(main procedures) one should undergoPurva karma(preparatory treatments/measures). With these treatments deep rooted toxins in the body get mobilized and various channels in the body become smoothened. This makes the actions of Panchakarma therapy more easy and less stressful on the tissues.

Preparatory treatments are as follows

Pachana- Digestive& Appetizing Medicines

Snehanam- Oleation- Internal and External

Swedanam- Sudation

Snehapanam - This the specific method of internal oleation. For this purpose, ghee(clarified butter) is commonly used, depending up on the condition things like sesame oil, animal fat or marrow also recommended. This is the important stage of preparation of a person for an intensive detoxification which help to dissolve the deep rooted toxins or vitiated humors and drive it towards intestine. A prescribed dose of medicated ghee is given in morning empty stomach. Patient is allowed to eat (specific diet) only when he start to feel proper hunger. The dose of the ghee is increased day by day depending on the response to the prior dose. This will continue maximum for seven days or until the appearance of saturation symptoms.

This will be followed by therapies in Panchakarma. Special dietary recommendations will be followed on these days. It is usual that one become tired or low on these days.

SamsarjanaKrama - After the main procedures, SamsarjanaKrama (a special diet& regimen) is advocated as post-operative measures. Also include medicines for rejuvenation and the particular diseases. This stage is as equal as the stage of main procedures. These recommendations are meant to restore the bodily functions in a proper way and to rejuvenate the body. It is told that the effect and actions of treatments will keep on going in the body for same number of days of treatments. As far as we could keep our body and mind away from other disturbance and distraction will enhance the results of the treatments.


Naturopathy treatment is based on the universal fact that various functions of our body are guided by five primary forces of nature. They are: Jal or water, Vayu or air, Agni or fire, Akash or sky and Prithvi or earth. The ailments occur due to imbalance of these natural forces in our body. Naturopathic cures restore the balance of these natural forces and are seen as facilitators which help our body heal itself through the powers of nature. The system of Naturopathy is guided by certain principles such as:

  • A strong belief in nature’s ability to heal and the ability of the body to heal itself.
  • Going beyond visible symptoms and identifying underlying causes.
  • Employing the least invasive ways to cure an ailment.
  • Enabling patients, by teaching them natural ways of healing
  • Looking at the body as a single unit of physical and spiritual facets
  • Laying the focus not just on prevention, but on sustained well-being as well.

The available modalities of Naturopathy in Purnagram are-

  • Mud Therapy
  • Stone Therapy
  • Chelation Therapy
  • Colour Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Colonic Enemas

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physical therapy or Physiotherapy treats people affected by injury, illness, and disability. Physiotherapy, when combined with Ayurveda is ideal for recovery from post-accident & sport injury and profession as well as age related disabilities. It is a ‘call-back to action’ through examination, diagnosis, prognosis and physical intervention, restoring physical functions, particularly mobility. Thus improving a person’s quality of life. The ‘Namami Rehabilitation Program’ is a highly effective fusion of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Pain Management Techniques /Physiotherapy modalities. A unique program providing idealRehab and recovery from simple to the most complicated Physiotherapy related issues. Namami has one of the most experienced teams of qualified Physiotherapists and latest infrastructure for this. The natural environment and weather of Kerala are perfect for treatments and interventions, increasing their effectiveness to the next level.

Cold Therapy or Cryotherapy

Cold therapy is highly effective for relieving pains and swellings, especially in acute and abrupt injuries. Unlike applying justice as is the usual practice; Cold Therapy includes a deep kneading massage (DKM) over and above ice pack application and ice massage.

Heat Therapy

Application of heat to enhance blood flow of a limb, especially at the site of injury, speeds-up healing. It also helps softens tight tissues relieving pain. Hot packs, Paraffin wax bath, Infrared heat, Ultrasound and Diathermy are among several heating modes and devices available for Heat Therapy.

Hot packs, Paraffin wax bath, Infrared heat, Ultrasound (US), Diathermy

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is used to prevent wasting of idle muscles (atrophy) in people suffering from paralysis. This stimulation also helps regain some degree of muscle strength after procedures like knee surgery. Muscles are shortened through electrical stimulation via electrodes placed strategically on the surface of the skin.


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)is an electrical stimulation by low currents transmitted through the electrodes placed on the skin surface using small battery-powered devices. Unlike normal electrical stimulation TENS does not result in muscle contraction and hence is ideal for temporary relief from pain.

Range of Motion (ROM) Exercises

Range of motion exercises are often prescribed to increase or maintain flexibility of your joints and to reduce stiffness. There several types of range of motion exercises often prescribed including the following

Passive Range of Motion (PROM) Exercises

Active Assistive Range of Motion(AAROM) Exercises

Active Range of Motion (AROM) Exercices

Strengthening Exercises

Certain conditions weaken the muscles taking ‘action’ out of life. In such cases strengthening exercises form an important part of a physiotherapy rehab. Preparing a person to return to original performance levels or highest physical function potential.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Mobilization of soft tissues through therapeutic massage is an integral a part of physiotherapy treatment. It relaxes the tight muscles, thus relieving pain and reducing swellings.

The following are other physiotherapy treatments. More information will be provided in future topics.

Joint Mobilization

Gait (Walking) Training / Assistive Device Training

Postural Training

Ergonomic training

Balance Exercises




Fitting of Orthosis

Patient/family education is a vital and important aspect of physiotherapy rehabilitation. How to manage your symptoms from home, necessary preventive precautions for prevention of repeat injuries and more. There’s lot to learn from our physiotherapist about managing your life after physiotherapy.


Globally oral diseases have become a major issue across all age groups. Tooth decay (dental caries) and gum disease or Pyorrhea (periodontal disease) is two common areas of dentistry requiring preventive and curing treatment.

As a part of its total heath care reach-out, Namami has a team of dentists and specialists who are experts in providing preventive& curative treatments for restoration of teeth, endodontic root canal treatment, extraction or surgical teeth removal and scaling& root planning.

Professional clean-up and evaluation by our dentists helps prevent oral diseases through hygiene counseling and regular check-ups. This is vital for another reason, Oral cavity issues may be indicative of systemic ailments like osteoporosis, diabetes or even cancer.

Again, gum disease is linked to increased risk of diabetes, heart ailments and preterm birth as revealed by detailed research on Oral-systemic Health, the study on impact of oral health on overall wellness of the body. Compared to extremely high price tag of dental treatment in USA, Canada, Europe & Australia, Namami provides the same treatment by a team of expert specialists at almost one fifth of cost. Apart, our Holistic Medicine team coordinates with dentists to develop individual procedure for day to day natural dental care.

Moreover, while you are at Namami,your Heart & Body is Rejuvenating; our Cosmetic Dentists will give you that million-dollar Smile with sparkling teeth making a personality statement of their own.

That’s why we say: Namami Guests Always Leave with a Smile!

Yoga & Laughter Yoga

The word ‘yoga’ literally means ‘fusion’

A union of the Atman or soul and Paramathman, the God which helps a human attain Moksha or liberation, the ultimate goal of life. Yoga is a fusion of body and mind through which the Athman embarks on a journey to achieve the salvation of heart & body, mind & soul.

The eight-fold yogic path to salvation:

  • 1) Yama or the control of senses
  • 2) Niyama or the rules of life
  • 3) Asana or the postures
  • 4) Pranayama or the control of breath
  • 5) Pratyahara or shedding of worldly lifestyle
  • 6) Dharana or focused concentration
  • 7) Dyanam or meditation
  • 8) Samadhi or salvation

Today, modern yogic practices are more about ‘Hath Yoga’ or the postures. The rest, which makes one an original Yogi, the master of Yoga, are neglected as a compromise with modern times.

At Namami, we provide regular Yoga sessions guided by a master Yoga Guru on all evenings. There will be individual remedial yoga sessions done by a qualified Yoga Doctor (B N Y S – Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences) that suit your health requirements suggested by our expert physicians.

We also have designed a Namami Yoga Detox program to elevate your physical and mental health to a better level.

One of the unique forms of Yoga called as “Laughter Yoga” is practiced routinely at Namami. Dr Madan Kataria, who is a world renowned Laughter Yoga Guru, has personally trained the experts in this field. This form of Yoga has been the apple of the eye for both corporates and teenagers. It is also a part of our culture to make difficult things look simple and practical, so that many more out of us could adopt these as lifestyle practices in day to day life.


Meditation is the art of training your mind to relax, create internal energy or life force.

There are many varieties of meditation practised by different people all around the world. Finding out what kind of meditation suits you is a difficult task because you may not know which sense organ receives the right method that can coordinate with your brain.

At Namami, our Meditation experts will identify the right meditation technique suitable to you after thorough analysis of your body and mind and help you to practise it in your day today life.

We have a common meditation program every morning conducted at NAMAMI. Also there is an option of individualised sessions with our experts.

Weight Management



At NAMAMI we consider you to be a part of our family and take care of your health needs like our own.

We are passionate about what we do and love to engage with you throughout the treatment.