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Yoga & Laughter Yoga

The word ‘yoga’ literally means ‘fusion’

A union of the Atman or soul and Paramathman, the God which helps a human attain Moksha or liberation, the ultimate goal of life. Yoga is a fusion of body and mind through which the Athman embarks on a journey to achieve the salvation of heart & body, mind & soul.

The eight-fold yogic path to salvation:

  • 1) Yama or the control of senses
  • 2) Niyama or the rules of life
  •  3) Asana or the postures
  • 4) Pranayama or the control of breath
  • 5) Pratyahara or shedding of worldly lifestyle
  • 6) Dharana or focused concentration
  • 7) Dyanam or meditation
  • 8) Samadhi or salvation

Today, modern yogic practices are more about ‘Hath Yoga’ or the postures. The rest, which makes one an original Yogi, the master of Yoga, are neglected as a compromise with modern times.

At Namami, we provide regular Yoga sessions guided by a master Yoga Guru on all evenings. There will be individual remedial yoga sessions done by a qualified Yoga Doctor (B N Y S – Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences) that suit your health requirements suggested by our expert physicians.

We also have designed a Namami Yoga Detox program to elevate your physical and mental health to a better level.

One of the unique forms of Yoga called as “Laughter Yoga” is practiced routinely at Namami. Dr Madan Kataria, who is a world renowned Laughter Yoga Guru, has personally trained the experts in this field. This form of Yoga has been the apple of the eye for both corporates and teenagers. It is also a part of our culture to make difficult things look simple and practical, so that we can adopt these as lifestyle practices in day to day life.

  • Indoor Games
  • Well Equipped Library
  • Namami Karma Zone
  • Namami Music Therapy
  • Auditorium & Conference Hall
  • Boat Riding & Fishing Deck
  • Local Sight Seeing/Tours



At NAMAMI we consider you to be a part of our family and take care of your health needs like our own.

We are passionate about what we do and love to engage with you throughout the treatment.