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Namami Dental Programs


Globally oral diseases have become a major issue across all age groups. Tooth decay (dental caries) and gum disease or Pyorrhea (periodontal disease) is two common areas of dentistry requiring preventive and curing treatment.

As a part of its total heath care reach-out, Namami has a team of dentists and specialists who are experts in providing preventive& curative treatments for restoration of teeth, endodontic root canal treatment, extraction or surgical teeth removal and scaling& root planning.

Professional clean-up and evaluation by our dentists helps prevent oral diseases through hygiene counseling and regular check-ups. This is vital for another reason, Oral cavity issues may be indicative of systemic ailments like osteoporosis, diabetes or even cancer.  

Again, gum disease is linked to increased risk of diabetes, heart ailments and preterm birth as revealed by detailed research on Oral-systemic Health, the study on impact of oral health on overall wellness of the body.

Compared to extremely high price tag of dental treatment in USA, Canada, Europe & Australia, Namami provides the same treatment by a team of expert specialists at almost one fifth of cost. Apart, our Holistic Medicine team coordinates with dentists to develop individual procedure for day to day natural dental care.

Moreover, while you are at Namami,your Heart & Body is Rejuvenating; our Cosmetic Dentists will give you that million-dollar Smile with sparkling teeth making a personality statement of their own.

That’s why we say: Namami Guests Always Leave with a Smile!

  The Package includes Ayurveda Vegetarian Diet, Accomodation in base category rooms, Doctor, nursing and therapy charges,   Internal and external medicines, Airport transfer for packages more than 3 days, Yoga, meditation and other alternate   therapies like Naturopathy, Acupressure and Acupuncture

  The duration and course of treatment will be decided after getting patient details through on line consultation; write to   contact@namamihealth.com

Rates are inclusive of all taxes

Complimentary Executive health check up worth of Rs 5000 for all packages above 3 days



At NAMAMI we consider you to be a part of our family and take care of your health needs like our own.

We are passionate about what we do and love to engage with you throughout the treatment.